Taxation affects all our lives either through personal taxes, business taxes or both.

We deal with all aspects of tax affairs for clients across the whole spectrum of business taxes, income taxes and capital taxes. Each of our offices has a specialist tax department employing highly qualified tax professionals.

The details of services that we provide and how we can assist you are:

Business Tax Advice
Our specialist tax departments deal with many areas of taxation that affect business including VAT, capital allowances, taxation of business profits both annual profit from the trade or profession and capital gains on asset sales when they arise.

Tax planning is important for businesses particularly in respect of the timing and detail of asset sales and purchases to achieve maximum tax relief or delay payment of tax liabilities.

Errors in VAT can result in large tax liabilities that are unexpected so it is important to carefully consider any unusual transactions particularly in respect of property issues.

Stamp Duty land tax is dealt with by solicitors but we can assist clients and their solicitors in planning and calculating this tax before it is incurred.

Personal tax advice
We prepare income tax returns for clients and file these online. At the same time we advise clients of their tax liability or refund.

Each year we offer advice on ways to minimise tax liability appropriate to your personal circumstances.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax can be an unexpected shock for families after the loss a loved one. Currently tax at 40% is applied to assets in excess of the nil rate band. Frequently the majority, if not all of this, can be avoided by careful planning. We offer a service to help you achieve this.